Hale & Twomey New Zealand Fuel Price Monitor


New Zealand Fuel Price Monitor

The New Zealand Fuel Price Monitor tells you what’s driving New Zealand fuel prices.

The New Zealand Fuel Price Monitor subscription-based service provides you with up-to-date information on fuel prices and trends, drawing on Hale & Twomey’s expert knowledge of the petroleum fuels market.

NZFPM is available in two ways; fuel-tab and e-fuel.

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Fuel-tab screenshot.

fuel-tab provides a web-based comprehensive weekly snapshot of the New Zealand fuel market. Tabs are available for; premium petrol, regular petrol, ethanol, diesel, biodiesel, jet fuel, and fuel oil.


E-fuel screenshot.

e-fuel sends a weekly email to subscribers that monitors margin trends for regular petrol or diesel. e-fuel provides an indication of likely retail price direction.

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