Hale & Twomey New Zealand Fuel Price Monitor



fuel-tab provides a web-based snapshot of New Zealand fuel prices updated weekly.

fuel-tab gives subscribers access to a detailed breakdown of fuel prices and a commentary on current global issues affecting the petroleum fuels market.


You can subscribe to fuel-tab for the following products:

  • premium petrol
  • regular petrol
  • ethanol
  • diesel
  • biodiesel
  • jet
  • fuel oil


fuel-tab provides information on:

  • Landed Cost of Fuel
    A reflection of the costs incurred by fuel suppliers to import fuel to New Zealand. It is the benchmark for New Zealand fuel prices.
  • International Price Drivers
    The factors affecting the landed cost of fuels with a comparison against last week’s figures.
  • Retail Price Breakdown
    The components of the retail fuel price illustrating how each component contributes to the retail price with a comparison against last week’s figures.
  • Price Trend Charts for the previous six months.
  • Biofuel Price Estimates
    An illustration of how biofuel may influence fuel prices.
  • Market Commentary
    An explanation of the factors influencing current fuel prices.
  • Price Data Spreadsheet
    A rolling 12 month history of New Zealand prices to enable more detailed analysis.

Annual Subscription Cost

The annual subscription for each (individual) fuel-tab is NZD $650 (plus GST).
If you subscribe to four or more, you receive all seven for NZD $2,500 (plus GST).

Note that subscribers of diesel fuel-tab or regular petrol fuel-tab receive a free subscription to e-fuel for that product.

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