Hale & Twomey New Zealand Fuel Price Monitor



e-fuel sends an email each week to subscribers illustrating margin trends for either regular petrol or diesel.

Fuel supplier margin trend provides an indication of likely retail price direction. If margins go up, expect the retail price to come down. Or if margins go down, expect the retail price to go up.


e-fuel provides:

  • Margin trend for the last three months, with the normal margin range indicated. If the margin moves outside of this range, a price movement is likely.
  • Current retail price
    The weekly average pump price advertised in metropolitan centres.
  • Supplier costs and margin
    Based on the typical cost to land fuel in New Zealand.
  • Comment on the likely price direction.

Annual Subscription Cost

The annual subscription to e-fuel is NZD $200 (plus GST) for either regular petrol or diesel.

Note that subscribers of diesel or regular petrol fuel-tab receive a free subscription to e-fuel for that product.

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